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Blockchain-Secured Digital Land Attracts Real Estate Investors

Individual and corporate investors are devoting millions of dollars to the acquisition of digital land. Individuals and corporations usually purchase land and property either for development or sale at a higher price in the future.
Kate Morova
June 01, 2021
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13 Strategies To Become a Pro in Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing strategies may help you attract prospective buyers looking to invest in real estate.
Marko Leon
August 11, 2021

10 Simple Steps Towards Sustainable Living in the United Kingdom

Would you like to make your new life in the UK a little greener? Find out how to make our list of 10 simple steps towards sustainable living in the United Kingdom.
Marko Leon
August 20, 2021
Google Suggests New Town-Like Technology Hotspot in Mountain View
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Google Mountain View: Google Is Up For A New Technology Hotspot

Anyone who thought the Covid-19 surge would radically alter technology firms' property plans in Silicon Valley has not encountered Google. The Alphabet firm suggested a new technology campus in its historic home town of Mountain View.
Kate Morova
November 13, 2020
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Relocating to the United Kingdom? Should you Rent or Buy?

Are you relocating to the United Kingdom? With our guide to housing in the UK, we address one of the most difficult questions for expats: renting vs buying.
Kate Morova
April 13, 2021
Real Estate Blockchain Companies in the US
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Top 5 Real Estate Blockchain Companies in the US

Marko Leon
October 06, 2021