2021: Top EU Countries To Invest In

Kate Morova
May 14, 2021
Europe and European flags

Even though COVID-19 slowed down the demand for foreign investment, European countries are still a popular option for those seeking to secure their money in real estate. We have compiled a list of our favorite foreign destinations below. What are the top EU countries to invest in?

Top EU countries to invest in


portugal real estate investing

Portugal has become a trendy destination for young professionals, especially digital nomads. The most popular destinations in the country have been Lisbon and Porto. Portugal is popular for having low interest and mortgage rates while also having high rental demand.

However, Portugal’s real estate market has a lot more to offer than just capital returns and high dividends. What attracts many people to it is the Golden Visa program. Portugal has the sixth leading passport program in the world. Since Portugal is a member of the EU, it has no restrictions on foreign investments. It offers a 5-year residency permit for non-EU citizens with the opportunity to apply for permanent citizenship following that period.

Portugal is extremely popular for the distinctive lifestyle it has to offer. The beautiful weather, unique culture, and delicious food make it a phenomenal destination for people from all corners of the planet.


Malta Real Estate Invest

The tiny island in the Mediterranean is popular for its unique culture – the country has immense influence from Italy and various Middle Eastern nations, making it a truly international place to live in.

Malta has a policy that allows foreign nationals and EU citizens only to purchase one property. Multiple property purchases are rare, and the one that is permitted will usually be a residential property. Similar to Portugal, Malta has a top-rated passport program. Property ownership offers access to the EU market, tax haven-like opportunities for investors, and residency and citizenship opportunities.


Montenegro Real Estate Invest

The mostly unheard-of country in the Balkans, Montenegro offers some unique opportunities for investors. Montenegro is very popular with Russian investors for its unspoiled, natural beauty, and favorable political and economic environment.

Montenegro has some of the lowest capital gains in Europe, as low as 9%, which is very attractive for new businesses. The European Union has invested significantly in Montenegro’s infrastructure and renewed roads, plumbing facilities, and airports.


Cyprus Real Estate Invest

The little island in the Mediterranean has become extremely popular amongst investors seeking a lucrative international investment opportunity. Despite the financial crisis that crippled the country in 2013, Cyprus quickly recovered due to its investment passport scheme and various other cultural and infrastructure projects. Even though the investment scheme has since ended, Cyprus remains a prevalent location for foreigners. It offers an above-average standard of living and a safe and comfortable place to raise a family.

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