Crowdfunding Companies in the UK: Top 5 Real Estate Companies to Invest

Marko Leon
September 29, 2021
Crowdfunding in the UK

Crowdfunding Companies in the UK, especially in the real estate world, have grown into nothing short of a phenomenon.

Being able to get large swathes of people to invest in the same project is an art. That is why, in this article, we’ll be analyzing the Top 5 Real Estate Crowdfunding Companies in the UK.  

Crowdfunding, especially in terms of real estate, is the process of getting multiple investors to acquire property together. They can then further develop it to profit from it with dividends. Whether that’s a restaurant, car wash, discotheque, or some other form of business, many successes have started by being crowdfunded. 

The very idea of crowdfunding has been around for years, with real estate moguls coming together to reshape the landscapes of many cities and towns. Now, this power has trickled down to the people, and everyone can get in on the action. To do so, however, you’ll need to be informed about the Top 5 Crowdfunding Companies in the UK.

Top 5 Real Estate Crowdfunding Companies in the UK

Here is a list of the crowdfunding companies in the US we’ll be analyzing today:

  1. Crowdahouse
  2. Relendex
  3. Knight Knox
  4. BrickVest
  5. Proplend

1. Crowdahouse

Crowdahouse UK Crowdfunding Real Estate Company

Description: In essence, Crowdahouse is based on loans. With the business, users can look for opportunities to loan other users money for their projects, all with an interest rate of course. If you come up with a genius project, lenders will be fighting over whose money you should take. It is also possible to sell your loans to other members, which isn’t commonplace.

Crowdfunding Companies in the UK Features

  • Users selling loans to other users is possible 
  • A combined 70 years of experience in the property investment and finances branches for the founders 
  • Crowdabourse™  – Where you will be able to buy and sell your loans 


  • Peer-to-peer lending is much simpler than sharing ownership with a group of strangers 
  • Rates of interest are 10% on average 
  • Forgoing the crowd will result in a bigger piece of the pie going to you  
  • Business-to-business loans remove the fear of having to wait years to enjoy your profits 


  • First charges are secured against property, but that’s not uncommon in the lending business 

2. Relendex

Relendex UK Crowdfunding Real Estate Company

Description: The very look of the Relendex home page doesn’t bode well. Indications and warnings about how users may not get their money back etc. etc. are concerning right off the bat. However, with interest rates on loans as high as 11%, the rewards could be high if you weather the risks. Without much ado, Relendex states that they provide short and medium-term mezzanine and senior financing ranging from 250,000 GBP to 5 million for any investments in commercial, residential, or owner-occupied commercial properties. 

Unique Features Crowdfunding Companies in the UK

  • Arrangement fees are payable 
  • All Relendex transactions are secured on commercial property in the UK.
  • An innovative approach: Relendex is looking to get those hit hardest by the 2008 financial crisis, the SME housebuilders, to do business with those who are losing money due to the rate of inflation. Dusting off the finances in those saving accounts and putting them to good use by funding the housebuilders could result in a win-win situation for both parties.   


  • Innovative and potentially profitable ideas behind the project
  • More regulation than most rivals 
  • Are working on alleviating the housing shortage 
  • Relendex have taken so many precautions that even the most cautious of savers 


  • Repeated concerns from users about the very confusing dashboard on their interface 
  • Scattered but numerous reports of payouts being delayed month after month after month, with no explanation  

3. Knight Knox

KnightKnox UK Crowdfunding Real Estate Company

Description: With more than 100 developed properties under its belt, Knight Knox is looking to find their place among the Top Crowdfunding Companies in the UK. The private investor’s market is their niche, with both residential and student property available. With 11,000 sales in over 110 countries, few companies can match the Knight KNow team’s 200 years of combined experience in the field. 

Unique Features Crowdfunding Companies in the UK:

  • Have sold properties in over 110 countries 
  • Their team has over 200 years of experience
  • A thoroughly versatile selection of services 


  • 15 years in the industry
  • Multi-operational (Offer property resales, run a real estate agency, as well as an in-house development branch)
  • Provide a personalized process for each customer and their needs 


  • Mortgage-related issues have been reported by multiple customers (The company didn’t act as had been agreed in written contracts) 
  •  Complaints about customer service have also been noted 

4. BrickVest

Brickvest UK Crowdfunding Real Estate Company

Description: With superior access to info, connections with qualified suitors, the capability to efficiently locate, compare and close investment possibilities, and much more, Brikvest’s got it all. Add to all that superior analytical and market tools, and the funding and exchange of assets couldn’t get more efficient. 

Crowdfunding Companies in the UK Features:

  • A wide selection of crowdfunding services 
  • Interest rates above 5%
  • A melange of UK, US, and EU properties make for a varied portfolio 


  • Numerous capital investment opportunities are available 
  • Direct Investment 
  • Provide Fund Investment 
  • Provide Lending 
  • 7 years of experience mean that BrickVest was one of the pioneers of this relatively young industry 


  • Investors are also forced to pay fees
  • The minimum investment permitted is $ 1,000

5. Proplend

Description: When talking about the big dogs in the real estate crowdfunding industry, PropLend has to be in the discussion, and doubly so after the pandemic. Few companies were as hands-on in their fight against the influence of Covid-19 and made changes to prevent a market crash the next time such a misfortune strikes humanity.  If there is a company in this industry that cares about it and the clientele it brings, then it’s Proplend. 

Crowdfunding Companies in the UK Features

  • Were one of the leaders in the field during the 2020 Covid pandemic. They stayed level-headed, and this resulted in 87% of their lenders still getting regular interest payments, unlike some rivals that spun into freefall. 
  • At such a hard time, the company was able to repay 50 million in loans, while creating 11 million GBP in interest for their clients. 
  • Have revolutionized the company following the pandemic, and have adjusted for any such collapses in the future 


  • Users have lauded the platform for being easy to use 
  • Find the perfect balance between risky and not-profitable-enough opportunities
  • Good track record and satisfactory lender information provided 


  • No live support provided 
  • A complex and arduous registration process that we believe it will annoy you

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