Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me start investing in properties?

Real Estate Investment is the place where you can get all the information to get you started in real estate investing! Our blog offers fresh information from the market, as well as manuals for investing. Through us, you will learn that investing in a property is not done just by buying a building and land. You can also be a landlord who has tenants who give monthly rent, or you can choose crowdsurfing options if you have a limited budget. Moreover, you can begin your investing journey by investing in REITS – real estate investment trusts. Or, if you have time, you can try the fix-and-flip approach.

But, before opting for a way to invest in real estate, you need to decide what investing method suits your style and wallet the most. This should be done thoroughly, by learning the basics and building yourself from that point. Just then you can begin working on diversifying your portfolio and including real estate in it.

How much in savings does an investor need for real estate?

You need to have enough savings to pay for your real estate investment. The amount of money you need depends on the investing route you choose. Factors you need to calculate are the time you have, the money, and patience for learning.

Traditional real estate investing means buying properties along with the parcel. This incurs a hard cost, but soft ones, too – renovations, maintenance, property taxation, mortgage insurance, home insurance, and others. Moreover, being a landlord means putting in a portion of the rent towards maintenance costs, while fix-and-flips ask of you to have a very hands-on approach until the property is in peak condition.

What are the best real estate investment companies in 2021?

No one can give you an universal answer to this. But, that’s why we compiled a list of reviewed companies that our team made. We give basic answers about their overall grade, the costs they incur, what their customer service is like, what investing types are at your disposal, tax information, and so on.

When picking a real estate company, you need to check out the reviews online and if the company is reputable. Just then you can move on to checking out the aforementioned information. You can then begin narrowing down your choices on the basis of your lifestyle, preferred trading strategy, investment methods, the thickness of your wallet, et cetera.

How do I know if a real estate company is reputable?

Our real estate company reviews provide comments from users who grade the company’s service, but even more important, we go up and beyond to test out an investment firm’s trustworthiness. We give our verdict on whether we believe, no responsibility included, if your money is safe with said company.

What does your Investments portion of the website cover?

We give you the newest information from the real estate investment arena, and useful guides and manuals for investing in real estate. We opted for a wide variety of topics, in order to help you hone your skills, no matter if you are a beginner or professional.

Can you teach me about crowdfunding?

On Real Estate Investment, we also cover the popular niche topic of crowdfunding. On our website, you can find both guidelines for diving into crowdfunding, to companies which provide such means of investing.