Google Mountain View: Google Is Up For A New Technology Hotspot

Kate Morova
November 13, 2020
Google Suggests New Town-Like Technology Hotspot in Mountain View

Key Takeaways

  • Google is planning to transform 40 acres of Mountain View land into a novel mixed-use campus
  • Plans provide a combination of office space, residences, retail space, and event spots
  • This arrives a year after the firm said it would incorporate more residencies during the Bay Area’s housing crackdown

Google Mountain View

Anyone who thought the Covid-19 surge would radically alter technology firms’ property plans in Silicon Valley has not encountered Google.

The Alphabet firm suggested a new technology campus in its historic hometown of Mountain View. With ideas to rework 40 acres to a mixed-use center with housing, retail, and community meeting spaces in a town-resembling technology campus, the firm announced.

The Middlefield Park Master Plan includes a campus of a max of 1,33 million sq. feet of office space, 30K sq. feet of retail space, a maximum of 1,850 housing units, and 20K square feet of civic and event space, as well as 12 acres of open space.

The town of Mountain View also asks developers to include residential areas with big commercial infrastructure. The Middlefield Park blueprints include 6 residential buildings of somewhere around 1,675 or 1,850 new residencies. The firm’s initiative aims to devote 20 percent of its residential space to affordable housing units.

Although Google will maintain control of most of the campus, most of the open spaces will be publicly available. Several parks will be included and a recreation center for a soccer field and an aquatic center.

It’s definitely one of the concepts in the Precise Plan to build a mixed-use neighborhood. Where a lot of needs and amenities are a walking distance of where you live and work, according to Google Real Estate Director Michael Tymoff.

The firm is teaming with LendLease, an Australian property developer, for the venture.

Googleplex Proposal

Google Mountain View

The newest proposal comes with further Google expansions. Like a bigger planned mixed-use campus 10 miles south of Mountain View in downtown San Jose. The venture, whose blueprints are still pending approval by the City through early 2021, occupies 80 acres and over 7 million square feet and has a big transit center, corporate hotel space, parks, and tall buildings.

The current proposal also comes a year after Google chief executive officer Sundar Pichai revealed that the firm would be investing one billion dollars in building a minimum of 15K new housing in the San Francisco Bay Area, which consists of transforming Google’s existing properties into residential areas. Pichai said then that over 45K Google workers were living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Technology firms, counting on Facebook and Microsoft, soon followed, pledging to create more housing in their prospective regions in the midst of housing crunches.

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