How Do We Rank Companies?

User Reviews

On Real Estates Investment the real estate companies are ranked, rated, and reviewed by their own users. We link the star system to the reviews of the clients and users from the company. Users of these Real Estate Companies leave their reviews on the company review page after we check these reviews and approve them when the review is honest. The ranking of the companies is therefore trustworthy.

Our Company Reviews

The Real Estates Investment team examined a diverse selection of global real estate enterprises. Our evaluation team is forced to follow a strict evaluation process, with each real estate agency thoroughly reviewed in two important criteria. The grading system is based on a variety of specific traits that are weighted equally throughout these two areas. A company must excel in all of them.

Our experienced workforce has over ten years of real estate expertise, spanning from the real estate market to investing, data analysis, researching, customer service, and reviewing. We are a trustworthy, objective, unbiased, and reputable real estate appraisal firm. We appreciate your comments. At the core of all we do is to deliver the best service possible to help you choose the ideal real estate firm to match your needs. Our assessments and research in the real estate business demonstrate that we are a reliable source and an authority.

The Real Estate Companies reviewed on our website follow a specific reviewing process, we use the structure below:

  • Introduction
  • Overall review
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • The platform
  • Star rating based on:
    • USP’s
    • Goals
    • Commercial or private
    • Crowdfunding offered or not
    • Amount of users
    • Suitable for (explain their target audience)
  • What does it offer?
  • How to get started? 
  • Regulations
  • Risks and securities
  • Customer Service
  • Contact details
  • Conclusion


On our website, you may discover a variety of listings. RealEstatesInvestment is primarily interested in the worldwide real estate industry. We seek the greatest real estate businesses in certain nations and cities. We are here to provide you with the finest outcomes and honest feedback. We continue to examine our listings on a regular basis and make modifications to the arrangement of the listings as needed. The real estate business is always changing, and we take on the burden of sifting through the material to find the best real estate firms.

How do we rate Real Estate Companies?

Every week, we post new articles and Real Estate Company updated reviews. Which our real estate professionals carefully select and thoroughly investigate and examine. Our specialists use the procedures indicated below to verify that all of our evaluations are fully accurate. Let us have a look at how we review.

A balanced grading system

For Real Estates Investment, our team of experts analyzed all Real Estate Companies based on a variety of distinct qualities spread over two categories. A Real Estate Company must do well in all categories to receive a good grade. The following important areas are included in our two-step screening process:

Overview categories

  1. Features offered
  2. Portfolio

How do we allocate points to each category?

Each variable is examined and a score is awarded to it. Below is a collection of example questions based on certain variables that we ask ourselves when studying the categories. The answers to these questions give you a good picture of how we review.

Features offered
  • What are the fees for listing your property on their website?
  • What are the commission prices or percentages asked by the agents?
  • What is the minimum deposit required?
  • What are the target returns?
  • In which sector or sectors does the real estate company focus?
  • Where is the Real Estate Company located?
  • Does the Real Estate Company provide services online, in person, or a combination?

We assess the platform on a scale of 1 to 10 for each “Yes” answer to a variable. All of the grades for each variable are added together and divided by the total number of variables in that category. The first option is “extremely awful,” while the tenth option is “outstanding.” The grades for each category are then added up and divided by two (the total number of categories), yielding the final overall grade.

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