Top 2 Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Europe

Marko Leon
October 12, 2021
Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Europe

With interest in Blockchain platforms never higher, we’ll be presenting you with some of the Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Europe.

The goal with this cutting-edge technology is to make financial transactions more streamlined, advance traceability, and simplify supply chains. With the Bitcoin blockchain tech becoming outdated, a frenzy erupted.

Real Estate Blockchain in Europe: How has it changed the game? 

Real Estate Companies that have started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment have a leg up on the competition. Becoming part of Real Estate Blockchain Platforms is integral to becoming part of the future. With trust issues becoming ever more prevalent in the Real Estate Industry, the transparency Real Estate Blockchain Platforms provide is refreshing. Add to that the efficiency increase that using Blockchain can implement, and the endless ability to expand it, and you’ve got a winner.    

Blockchain Platforms themselves have been made to provide “practical value” for both apps and users in spite of limitations. The industry is as hot as it’s ever been, which is why companies with their own Blockchain Platforms have been popping up everywhere. But there are also companies closing such as BitRent for example. With so many unverified options now available, it’s good to be informed about which ones are the best in Europe.  

Top 2 Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Europe

1. Blocksquare

2. Lantmäteriet

1. Blocksquare

Blocksquare Homepage

No matter the size of your company, Blocksquare provides APIs and solutions that will Digitize Real Estate. Blocksuqare can allow you to take the first steps towards tokenization of properties, greatly increasing efficiency in online business.  

Started in 2017, Blocksquare is among the pioneers of Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Europe. Thanks to their offering, entrepreneurs are able to decrease costs while increasing efficiency and client trust. 

Blocksquare is part of Ethereum and IPFS, where all Real Estate Agencies can tokenize into 100,000 coins. Tokenization provides many more investment opportunities, more transparency, and a standardized digital process. 

If coding isn’t your company’s forte, then Blocksquare can help you safely list your offering online. Both KYC and onboard investments are accepted. Add to that the incredible tools for administration being offered, and it’s easy to see why Blocksquare is so well-regarded. 

2. Lantmäteriets

Lantmäteriets Homepage

Lantmäteriets is a Swedish Real Estate Blockchain Platform. In fact, it’s one of the Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Europe. They use TendSign in order to allow online, Blockchain-related transactions. Their entry into the world of blockchain has increased their efficiency, reduced costs, and improved trust with their clientele.  

The close relationship between Lantmäteriets and Sweden’s economy is another positive, with their services contributing to improving ownership safety and stabilizing the economy. The company is committed to sustainable growth, so investing through them is a relatively low-risk proposition. 
All in all, we are happy to recommend the services of Lantmäteriets as one of the Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Europe.

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