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Introduction Alfabricks

Alfabricks* helps users invest in real estate without the need to spend huge amounts of money while getting some very good returns. Due to extensive knowledge of the sector as well as successful process management, Alfabricks can deliver investment options without losing productivity. The key benefits are the flexibility of the investment procedure and the quarterly allocation of gains from rental income. Naturally, all ventures are analyzed in-depth, allowing for the collection of options that are desirable not just from a rental point of view (due to location, more or less) but also from a future revaluation point of view. The downside is that you are making an investment decision. You can spend more or less on each of the projects you find, giving you the ability to diversify and thus lower the uncertainty.

Alfabricks consists of an international team formed by renowned professionals from the technology, real estate, and franchise sectors with more than 20 years of experience. After successfully creating different companies in the aforementioned industries, they set out to change the status quo of the real estate sector and launched Alfabricks.


Overall review
4.5 stars


  • Simplicity in the investment process and the periodic distribution of attractive benefits generated by the rental income
  • The investment decision is made by you
  • You can diversify your investments thus reducing risk


  • No clear regulations

The platform

The real estate on Alfabricks is rented in different modalities depending on the type, location, services, etc. to optimize revenue. The profits generated by the rental are shared among all investors. The main advantages are the simplicity in the investment process and the monthly distribution of the benefits generated by the rental income. The Alfabricks platform consists of a community of investors that offers opportunities where its users invest in properties that have been previously selected by the company’s team. 

How does the platform work for investors?

  • Invest in carefully selected properties
    Access the real estate sector without the need to invest large amounts. For this, they offer carefully analyzed investment opportunities. The company continually analyzes projects and, thanks to the team’s experience and knowledge, selects those that meet the minimum requirements (good location, purchasing at a discount, attractive for rent, the possibility of revaluation, etc.). Once this screen is done, Alfabricks presents the different alternatives to the investor so that they can decide.
  • Monthly profitability through rentals
    The property is rented in different modalities depending on the type, location, services, etc. to optimize revenue. The profits generated by the rental are shared among all investors.
  • Return on capital gains
    Each investment opportunity is analyzed in detail to optimize not only rental income but potential future capital gains.

What’s one of the biggest advantages of Alfabricks?

In a regular real estate investment fund, the fund manager will decide which real estate assets to invest in. In Alfabricks you decide between the assets that they have analyzed. In a normal fund, usually, dividends are not distributed so your capital gain comes when you sell the investment made in the fund. On the other hand, in Alfabricks, you will begin to receive dividends from the beginning and in the future, you will also be able to benefit from a capital gain from the sale of real estate assets in which you decide to invest.

What kind of assets can you invest in?

Usually, private housing, although other types of opportunities will be offered sometimes, too (commercial premises, offices, etc.). Assets with central locations, of small to medium size, with the possibility of revaluation, etc. are a priority.


      • The company offers real estate opportunities in Spain.

How to get started?

If you invest a minimum of €1,000, the company makes it possible for you to become a real estate investor. But there is actually no minimum investment. You decide the amount you want to invest, taking into account whether or not you are a certified investor. You can forget about the inconveniences of having to take care of everything real-estate-related that you buy, renovate, rent, maintain and sell.

The company charges for the search work, analysis, management of the real estate asset purchase project, etc. 3% of the amount invested. Afterward, it will charge 5% of the profits you obtain for the income generated by the asset.

How do you begin your Alfabricks investor journey?

  1. Sign up for free – You fill in a short form so the company can have your contact information
  2. Analyze the projects they offer you – Review in detail the information of each project
  3. Start investing – Invest in the project that best fits your investment preferences. What happens to your money until the real estate asset is purchased? Well, the money is retained in the project’s checking account. These resources may not be used until the condition for activating the purchase process (raising the funds necessary for the development of the investment) is met.
  4. Receive your income – The benefits generated in each of the investments you make will be credited to your account periodically
  5. Follow closely the evolution of your investment – Alfabricks will keep you promptly informed about the status of your investments

What happens if the condition for activating the purchase process is not met?

In the scenario of the deadline set in the Business Plan isn’t met and the necessary funds have not been raised, investors will be notified of the cancellation of the project and they will see the return of all the funds contributed for this purpose.

Overall, you will receive the dividends for rent quarterly (around the 15th of the month in question) and the dividends for the sale of the asset once the operation is carried out.


    • Any person or company can invest in Alfabricks. Foreigners can also do so with an NIE (Foreigner Identification Number). You can request this number at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country or the General Police Directorate if you are in Spain.
    • Regarding the payment of taxes, that will depend on whether you are a resident of a country that is part of the European Union or not.

Risks and securities

And how does everything operate on the company’s side? Due to their rigorous purchase criteria, they analyzed more than 100 properties before deciding to invest in just one. Alfabricks looks for opportunities that are below the market price, where they can add value from the first moment, generate high profitability through the rental and its subsequent sale in the commercial networks. 

Thanks to detailed knowledge of the sector and efficient management, Alfabricks offers investment opportunities with returns above the average, minimizing the risks of each operation. At Alfabricks they lead by example. That is why they participate as investors in the projects they launch. You can invest more or less money – the amount you find enough, which gives you the possibility of diversifying and reducing risk.

Every investment is not risk-prone since it is exposed to changes that may occur in the real estate sector (both in the rent and in the revaluation of the property). For these reasons, the company selects the best locations that maximize the possibility of renting the property and that are less likely to see its price fall in the future.

Customer Service

    • The company can be contacted via a fill-in form on the website.


Alfabricks offers some enticing opportunities, but overall doesn’t make the effort on their official website to explain all the conditions thoroughly, nor do they clearly display important information such as regulatory authorities that oversee their activities.

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