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Bondkick Syndicate ICO Review: First Multi-Regional Investment Fund On Blockchain Technology

Bondkick Syndicate

The first multi-regional fund blockchain technology. Bondkick syndicate is a blockchain platform to be open in 2018 in order to provide investing in syndicated loans, real estate, equity and derivatives all over the globe. No CSD-locking, local or currency restrictions.

Real Estate

Easy-to-access, geographically diversified portfolio of private and commercial high quality resources including: offices, shopping centres, industrial and apartment buildings, etc. Land growth, buy-to-let, flipping and projects. One-stop shop of alternative funds from all around Europe. Great opportunity to scale your hedged portfolio through Bondkick’s stable, efficient, and transparent processing platform. Specific knowledge and administrative oversight.

Private Equities

A special platform for high risk exposure trading firms with little data at hand and little regulatory oversight. Modern, but efficient, portfolio-based ecosystem of proven and newly-issued cryptocurrencies, platform, functionality, brand and security tokens. Directly managed by Bondkick-managed crypto funds. fast and convenient access to various p2p, p2b, and crowdfunding projects. Lending to businesses worldwide without restrictions.


Technology Blockchain

Bondkick Syndicate is a blockchain platform to be available in 2018. It will provide invest opportunities in syndicated loans, real estate, equity and derivatives all over the world. No CSD-locking, regional or currency restrictions. Bondkick launches XBK tokens instead of conventional less liquid shares, being exchanged for fiat EUR and USD and crypto BTC, NEO, ETH and NeoGAS (more and more cryptocurrencies are introduced for easier trading on the Bondkick platform).

Investing in Funds

Bondkick invests its own funds which are same as the 25% of the subscribed tokens total interest in cryptocurrencies, represented by the Bondkick 0x index. The Bondkick 0x portfolio income will be passed to the Bondkick Syndicate and raise market capitalization. This commitment is limited to €625 000 and lasts until all 24,999 XBK tokens are initially subscribed and the Syndicate will start running. No CSD-locking, no local or currency restrictions.

Smart Contract

A smart contract, issued to replace the traditional illiquid investment paper is an Ethereum ERC20 standard token, often recognized as a cryptocurrency or digital coin. The phrase “Bondkick Bond” stands for a solid contract, backed by assets. Being issued by the Bondkick Syndicate, each Bondkick Bond represents a value in euro-currency, being jointly invested in one of the assets, fitting the Bondkick Syndicate investment plan. They are introducing the latest type of hedged investment into properties, secured by smart contracts.

Corporate Loans

Bondkick has operated in corporate lending over a year and helped investors from Estonia, the Baltic and Nordic countries raise 1,9m+ euros. Proprietary debtors have been highly regarded by institutional investors and commercial banks. Since 2014, the Bondkick platform has embraced most of the demands posed by borrowers across Europe. paying too much to access new markets and the chances for investemnts there, while also being geographically-restricted.

Diversified Placement

To solve the main problem faced by most retail investors – access to faster and higher returns from intelligently diversified placement – Bondkick Syndicate has been developed. Bondkick opens direct access to the demand of the asset for Bondkick Syndicate investors, being able to diversify their portfolios by applying a joint investing model. Modern centralized management lacks liquidity, trust and ownership is not as suitable as it should be.


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