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Introduction Brickowner

The Brickowner real estate company dabbles mainly in crowdfunding and was established in the United Kingdom in January 2017. The main idea is to make real estate investing simpler for everyone involved. The main draw of the company is the fact that it lets investors fund different ventures without the high interest rates that banks incur. This also means that smaller investors can invest in high-profit real estate projects that usually come along just for big organizations or richer individuals.

Brickowner’s team consists of highly trained professionals who are here to completely manage your investments. They provide you with reviews and updates on the property you’ve chosen to invest in. Moreover, they manage the legality of the whole issue. Fred Bristol and Tobias Stone founded the startup with customized technology for managing the assets, and in January 2021, they revealed they have raised 500,000 British Pounds in their latest funding rounds, obliging to allocate a part of the resources to new employees.

We will go over some of the basics that the company covers and offers in this review.

Overall Review

4.6 stars


  • Begin investing from 100 British Pounds
  • No exiting expenses when investment term comes to an end
  • Platform extremely user-friendly


  • Newer company
  • Higher expenses than other crowdfunding platforms
  • Fees don’t change no matter how profitable the real estate project

The platform

The Brickowner startup acts as a platform that accumulates funds from multiple investors that buy property projects on the website together with other investors. Each property investment made by the company makes a separate share class in respect of that investment chance. This is of great benefit of the shares in the class which you as an investor buy. In return, the firm acts as a single investor of the Special Purpose Vehicle that owns the real estate projects.

The main goal of the company is to ensure that smaller investors can also take part in enticing real estate investment opportunities. The offered real estate projects are mostly larger building ventures, instead of the usual smaller commercial parcels and residential buildings.


What does it offer you?
Brickowner offers the chance to invest in real estate projects in the United Kingdom


How to get started? 

Investors begin by getting registered and then browsing properties that state how much money needs to be raised in order for investors to acquire that real estate project. Other fees are listed, too. If the money isn’t raised, the money you invested will be returned to you.

When an investor picks a venture, then the company invests in their name via asset managers and developers, once the real estate gets the required funding.

Investors are able to monitor their investors via the startup’s platform and they get notified about possible changes that can happen around the investment asset.

Thankfully, it’s easy to exit investments if you wish to do so. Your shares are held by way of a nominee that holds legal ownership of the shares in your name. You gain all the economic advantages as the overall beneficial owner. Each investment made by the company will create another share class in respect of that investment chance. This is a beneficial interest of the shares in this class which you buy.

You can invest if you are over eighteen years old and pass the verification test. A personal document must be submitted in order to get verified. Investors that get accepted are those who can prove they are either sophisticated investors or high-net-worth ones.

Sophisticated investors are those that are part of a network or syndicate of entrepreneur angels. High-net worth individuals are those that earn over 100k GBP each year and their net assets are worth more than 250k GBP. The projected profit is 8-20% each year.


UK investors are the most frequent ones, while investors from the US are unfortunately not permitted.

Risks & Securities

A big plus from this startup is that it doesn’t charge any fees on deposits and withdrawals. And rest assured you are protected by the FCA and that your funds are kept separated from the company capital. Funds are generally stored in a Luxemburg e-wallet.


Customer Service

4.6 Stars

The company support team may be contacted during weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. Their phone number is 020 3286 5751. The website offers the chance to send an email and links to their social media pages.



Even though they’re fresh on the scene, Brickowner’s crew is adamant about leaving a mark. Although they have somewhat higher fees than other firms, Brickowner makes up for that with top-notch service, transparency and real estate project offers for investing, no matter what level of investor you are at.

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