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Introduction Crowdhouse

Crowdhouse* is a Zurich-based fintech that had substantial growth recently. The company’s goal is to offer access to the real estate sector in Switzerland via innovative tech. Crowdhouse began its story in 2015 with Robert Plantak, Ruedi Baer, and Ardian Gjeloshi using it as a continuation of their 2010-founded real estate firm. Now they have more than 80 employees. In partnership with a few renowned partners and Luzerner Kantonalbank as a strategic shareholder, the company utilizes the newest tech and creative business ideas to build entirely new options for ownership, funding, handling, and transactions of real estate.

Over 30 designers, software developers and UX researchers create and perfect the Crowdhouse innovative software every day in order to make the vision of the real estate market of the future come true – this is exactly what sets them apart from traditional real estate companies.




  • A large portion of the property is funded by a mortgage at a low interest fixed rate.
  • A large number of real estate projects on offer
  • You can submit your own real estate for crowdfunding as of Dec 2020


  • No debt investments

The platform
4.4 stars

Buying investment property in a new way. You can buy Swiss multi-family houses easily, efficiently, and transparently via their platform.

  • Easy

Buying investment real estate has always been complicated and time-consuming – Crowdhouse simplifies the process and makes sure that everything is available to you: intuitively, at any time, at the click of a mouse.

  • Efficient

No idle times, no empty promises: if you want to buy an investment property, Crowdhouse ensures that you can do it with little effort.

  • Transparent

The company puts everything on the table: rental booths, sales contracts and fees. They tell you about the risks, opportunities and all other details – clearly and understandable for everyone. Crowdhouse connects sellers and buyers in a data-based manner.

Crowdhouse has the largest selection of verified potential buyers for investment properties in Switzerland. Their algorithm recognizes matches, enables demand-based predictions and learns new things with every new property and every user interaction. Thanks to this unique technology, their transactions are on average 5 times faster than on other, conventional channels.

The estimated returns are 5–7% (actual returns will be around 4% – 5% before income tax, as a part of the revenue goes to the security fund and will be locked in there; also, deduct the purchase fees).

What does it offer?

Crowdhouse offers attractive investment opportunities in Switzerland.

How to get started? 

Crowdhouse has made the market more accessible: In the co-ownership model, you can become a co-owner of an investment property from CHF 100,000. You can register for free, but they are very strict about the documents you need to provide them with:

  • Subscription form
  • Real estate asset management power of attorney
  • Confirmation of your civil and property status
  • Confirmation of your tax compliance (attached document from the mortgage bank)
  • Mortgage bank identification form/KYC legitimation check
  • Self-assessment of tax residency ( AEI/FATCA, enclosed document from the mortgage-lending bank)
  • IBAN number of your bank account to which the payouts are to be transferred
  • Confirmation of residence from your municipality (for people with a B or C permit)
  • Power of attorney to purchase real estate for the law firm commissioned with a certified signature
  • Confirmation of authenticity of your valid ID or passport copy (front and back)

The fees are 3% of the purchase price of the respective property +  5–7.5% of the property’s success for the property and co-owner management.


If you have a valid C or B permit, the acquisition of a co-ownership share is not excluded, provided that your main place of residence (place of residence) is in Switzerland. The final decision as to whether you are eligible to invest in such a case is made by the financing mortgage bank and the responsible cantonal authority and cannot be answered in a generally valid manner.

If you are a foreigner living in Switzerland and have a valid C or B permit, please contact real estate experts to clarify your investment eligibility in advance. If you neither have a Swiss passport nor a C or B permit, you are not permitted to acquire a co-ownership share for a Swiss residential property. Crowdhouse is not subject to the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Risks and securities

In December 2020 the company took a giant step: Crowdhouse is now an open platform. This means all owners of investment properties can independently offer their properties on our sales platform. For buyers, this means an even larger selection of high-quality properties – and for sellers a simple, safe and inexpensive way to sell their own property.

Customer Service


Crowdhouse grants the opportunity for everyone to be a co-owner of revenue-yielding real estate in Switzerland, in a clear and transparent manner. Investors get the chance to take part in crowdfunding and own a small part of the property instead of the whole thing, which would be more costly. With the support of new tech, as well as open, easy, and usable business models, Crowdhouse brings land transactions, ownership, handling, and funding to the 21st century.

*Website reads only in German

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