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Introduction Crowdimo

This French company offers crowdfunding investment chances and is made up of experts who use their skills and rich real estate and development background to bring you profit. The team controls the financial cycles with expertise and manages the real estate developments.

Crowdfunding at Crowdimo is done via human resources and pooling money from multiple investors, while offering participants a good investing path.

The company does crowdfunding online, connecting project leaders and interested investors. The company rose to prominence in the early aughts, both in Europe and in the United States. The marketplace rose exponentially since those days and the company climbed to 40,000,000 EUR in France in 2015.


Overall review


  • Big number of offered real estate investment opportunities
  • Target returns around 5.1%
  • Can’t lose more than what was invested


  • Minimum deposit on the higher end, 1000 EUR
  • Not completely regulated
  • Customer service not highly rated online

The platform
4.6 Stars

The platform offers projects that require investing from 1000 EUR to 5000 EUR. The aim is to provide quality crowdfunding real estate financing.

There are no intermediaries here, so the investment opportunities are made easier. You buy without the risk of meddling third parties that are trying to cash in on your participation, while offering mediocre services.

Crowdfimo provides both commercial and private property investing opportunities, while the website doesn’t specify the minimum or maximum number of investors that can take part in a crowdfunding project.



You can invest in French properties, no matter if you are situated in Europe or not.


How to get started? 

In order to register for investing, Crowdfimo must verify your investor profile. This is done because real estate professionals pick just the best projects and project leaders, and they all go through a robust verifying procedure. The committee of employees at Crowdfimo analyzes the properties, and then undertakes the task of digital launching and fundraising, as well as tracking projects every quarter. The grading process is quite complicated, yet rewarding – you know you’re getting just the best deals out there. When grading real estate projects, the team looks at the promoters, operations, locations and many more factors.

When opening your account, there are some important information that you must give in order for Crowdfimo to assess you as an investor:

  • Your investment goals
  • Your financial situation
  • Your background and experience

When registering, these are the steps:

  • You register for free and without commitment via the official website
  • You get a confirmation email which you need to click on
  • You fill out your profile information
  • You control your membership via the Crowdfimo website
  • You move to browsing projects and picking the desired one
  • You need to add your signature to the subscription form
  • Fund transfer occurs when you decide on the sum you want to invest in a project.

There are three types of projects you can pick:

  • Real estate promotion
  • Real estate renovation
  • Refinancing

Registration is free, while you can invest in bonds that start from a thousand euros and get you a profit of 8-12%, with maximum capital control, a.k.a. Risk control. You can recover your interest in 12-24 months.


You can take part in investing if you are from both the US and Europe.

The French company is still waiting to get regulated and approved by Advisor Investment Interest. This CIP status is framed by the AMF. That means investors must give a copy of their ID, proof of address and pass the verification procedure.



As an investor, you get warranted G.F.A. This insurance in case there is some issue during construction that can affect the outcome of the property.

In order to minimize risk, diversify your portfolio and your savings.


Customer Service

The official website offers a phone number, as well as an email:


This French company has a long-standing reputation in the business, but is still waiting for approval from some authority institutions, so as an investor, be cautious when investing and aim to diversify your savings as much as you can in order to minimize risk when investing in crowdfunding opportunities.

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