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  • Investments are managed by EvoEstates
  • Investors pay no fees
  • Access to the European market
  • Profitable platform


  • Platform is quite new

About EvoEstate

EvoEstate is a crowdfunding platform that has “spent the last 6 years investing in real estate crowdfunding and identified the key pain points of this industry: lack of transparency, low accessibility to diversification and no skin in the game of the platforms. The company has a strong team of advisors with over 30 years of expertise in real estate and asset management. EvoEstate focuses on diversification and transparency.

EvoEstate acquires real estate investment opportunities from over 10 countries and offers investors easy access to over twenty platforms. This allows investors to make cross-border investments with no hassle. EvoEstate focuses on transparency which means they list all projects’ documents and are listed in English. EvoEstate makes money through charging commission to partner platform, while it’s completely free for investors.

EvoEstate works with 15 partner platforms and has over 12 million investment opportunities. EvoEstate offers investors the opportunity to invest across multiple platforms without having to sign up with each of them and to diversify their portfolio with international investments. EvoEstate has a few investors from the USA already, which is not common for European platforms.

What does EvoEstate offer?

Buy-To-Let Investments

When investors purchase ‘buy-to-let’ properties, the plan to earn rent out the properties. Buy-to-let properties are a stable investment, but they do tend to generate the lowest returns. Investors can expect between 3% to 6% annual returns as well as capital appreciation for a low amount of risk. Based on the property’s location, capital appreciation can be 2-4% annually.

Buy-to-let properties require patience; investors must hold the property for the duration of the project which can be up to 5 years. EvoEstate allows you to purchase more than one property across Europe without the hassle of managing them yourself.

Fixed-Interest Development and Business Loans

Investing in fixed-interest loans allows investors to act like the credit provider, who provide financing for real estate development companies. Normally these kinds of investments have collateral, the properties themselves, which could protect the investor in case the real estate development company cannot pay the loan.

On an annual basis, investors can earn 6-13% from fixed-interest loans but these projects involve more risk than others. During uncertain market conditions, it could be difficult for developers to find buyers, which can lead to withholding of payments.

Equity Projects

Equity projects offer investors to become co-owners of a business, which means they do not only benefit from the gains, but they also have to suffer the losses. Investors can earn between 14-30% on an annual basis.

What’s unfortunate is that while you own the equity, you do not necessarily have any say in the business’ development. EvoEstates offers you three types of developments: New developments, auction products, and private investment fund’ deals.

Investing internationally can be challenging when you don’t know much about the market you are investing in. EvoEstates works with local advisors to have insights on the projects and carry out proper due-diligence procedures.

EvoEstate offers the auto-invest tool to its investors. It allows you to use nine filters and create multiple auto investment strategies. This is a very useful tool when you want to select a certain return or reduce your investment amounts. Auto-invest allows you to set up multiple investment strategies for different countries. Auto-invest can be canceled at any point without any charges.

Secondary Market

Having an active secondary market is very advantageous for investors as they can execute quickly. The secondary market works irrespective of whether the partner platform has its own secondary market. EvoEstates does not charge investors for secondary market transactions and executes them fast, within 24 hours.

Investors can pick whether they want to sell investments with premiums or discounts. They can either sell the investment slower and earn a profit or fast and take a small loss.

Our thoughts on EvoEstates

EvoEstates have significant plans to grow their platform – they seek to offer transparency to investors and to build trust and confidence in their services. It is definitely a platform worth considering for investors of various experience levels looking to diversify their portfolios.

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