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Introduction Expansive

Expansive is a collaborative property anchoring platform that connects investors and property developers to give both sides a better alternative to what exists at the moment on the market. Investors can put money in residential and CRE projects that have prior been checked and screened by the company’s employees for amounts as low as 15,000 pesos.

Expansive makes the procedure of financing properties easier for the construction of developments proposed by clients. They warrant a structured investment procedure that allows the client to close every investment cycle easily, in a structured and safe way for investors and property developers alike. The company was founded in 2016 and consists of a core team of five.

Overall review
4.1 stars


  • 2:1 mortgage guarantee
  • Minimum investment is 5,000 pesos
  • AFICO authorized


  • Very little verifiable information on the official website

The platform
Expansive provides crowdfunding investment opportunities for residential and commercial real estate. The company picks developers with verified backgrounds and expertise. Developers must meet certain criteria. Only after proper verification and due diligence, the company determine which projects it will approve. Once the project has been chosen, a comprehensive report is made, with all details and legal documents with risk factors are counted in, which investors need to closely review before agreeing to invest in the company. When the investor agrees to invest, they are linked to the Concentrator Fund and the campaign is closed. The equity is then moved to the developer’s funds when collected. After the development and selling of built units or upon the loan deal expiry, the cash and warranted returns that were realized are returned to the investors. The Expansive platform boasts 4,200 users. The firm claims to democratize access to real estate in order to strengthen people’s financial capacity and offer them hefty returns.


The platform stands out for providing options for investments with debt schemes. The debt comes with a 12-15% simple yearly interest rate. This gives you:

  • Early Investor Benefit
  • Benefit over amount
  • Term 6-18 months
  • 2: 1 mortgage guarantee
  • 100% process on the platform

Expansive, together with an external committee, evaluates each project in the following 5 sections.

  • The developer experience
  • Project metrics
  • The market in which the project is located
  • Financial feasibility
  • The guarantee offered by the developer

After completing this review and due diligence process, we post only the best projects on the platform.

What does it offer?

  • Expansive offers crowdfunding investment opportunities in Mexico.

How to get started? 

The minimum investment is 5,000 pesos and the company offers a fill-in form on the website for registering.

  • Registering for an investor is free and requires that you share your full name, your mother’s last name, and your email address. The registration process is quick and leads you to a dashboard for completing your profile with the required data and documents.
  • After you have completed your profile, you can analyze and pick a real estate development that suits you. You get to check beforehand some project details like collateral, the yearly return rate, interest period, etc.
  • After you pick a project, you move to complete your investment. You do so by defining the amount you want to invest, determining your benefits, confirming your contract, picking the desired transfer method and confirming the investment with an SMS code.
  • After you fully become an investor, you can view your investments via the dashboard, as well as the interest payment dates, and get them transferred to your wallet. Another thing you get is the project tracking reports.

And early investments pay off! If you invest before 30% or 40% of the campaign is covered, you can get an additional benefit on the rate.


Regarding the issue of regulation, Expansive has the accreditation of the AFICO (Association of Collective Funding Platforms in Mexico). On the other hand, it works closely with the CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission) to be able to obtain the Financial Technological Institution (ITF) license and be regulated like other crowdfunding platforms.

Risks and securities
Expansive offers transparency and security. The company has debt projects with a 2:1 guarantee, meaning your investment is insured for twice the amount requested. Interest rates are yearly and aren’t used as misleading advertising. Thanks to the option for diversifying your portfolio, you can invest in the lower-risk real estate sector and pick one of the projects offered on the platform.

Customer Service

We found a website that lists these contacts:

  • Email: contact@expansive.mx
  • Phone Number: (55) 8421 6130

But the official website gives far too little information on this matter. Their Support section is nothing more than a collection of ‘helpful’ blog posts.


Expansive is very vague when presenting its offer on the official website. This especially goes for additional fees and support contact information. We also couldn’t find information on who can be considered an eligible investor. Although they claim transparency and give some details regarding debt projects,we cannot help but feel uneasy about investing with this company.

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