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Inverspot Introduction

Inverspot is a crowdfunding platform that arises from the need to democratize investment in real estate by opening up to new markets.

At the moment, due to strict compliance with the Law Regulating Financial Technology Institutions (LRITF), Inverspot has stopped generating new projects and has exclusively initiated all the needed actions that have to happen to conclude the existing operations of the company.

That aside, the company was founded by David Agmon, then aged 27, who saw the potential to create a crowdfunding real estate platform that promotes new ways of investing in the real estate industry.

Inverspot lets clients invest in cash or monthly assets, with investment amounts beginning at 50,000 pesos monthly, and with yields being around 20% annually.

According to Agmon, the use of crowdfunding assists in breaking down existing barriers for investment that made it impossible for regular people to join in. Evidently, with a minimum deposit set at 3-4 Million Pesos, it is somewhat difficult to access the platform.

Inverspot began its operations in February 2016 and at the moment has several projects on the website, ranging from two to ten million pesos in value.

The company currently has 52 success stories, in which the following projects stand out: Viaducto 106 II, Revolución 787, and their Padierna project.

in fact, 234 investors have already made deposits on Inverspot, with an average investment being 250,000 pesos.

Therefore, Inverspot promotes developers in their construction process and helps to obtain liquidity against the guarantee of sales through the real estate crowdfunding model.

Unfortunately, apart from the information on the founder, Inversport doesn’t give a lot of details on other members of its team.

Invertspot Review Overall


  • Yields 20% annum
  • Starting investments at 50,000 pesos


  • Ceased operations while awaiting regulatory oversight

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Inverspot platform
4.4 Stars

How does Inverspot evaluate the projects?

  • Development valuation: works history, references, so on.
  • Project appraisal – analysis of the area
  • Structural and legal negotiation – contracts that protect your participation

Inverspot evaluates the proposals coming from developers in terms of:

  • Credibility
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Legal Framework

Inverspot acts as a third party that provides a guarantee that money will be given back without penalty if needed by the investor before the end of the project. The company shall buy or repurchase those shares in projects.

Thus, it protects the company from losing out.

On the other side, the company provides an option for those developers who are struggling to finance projects and often prefer to slow down work due to an absence of liquidity or resources.

According to the Builder Trust Index (ICOCO) prepared by the research firm Bimsa Reports for the 2nd Q of 2016 “liquidity issues are one of the factors that impede the further execution or advancement of work.”

They give ordinary people an investment where they know there are 60 or 70 people who are betting on the same thing which motivates them further.

Without a doubt, 234 active investors have already made deposits on Inverspot, with an average investment ticket of 250,000 pesos.

Here’s how the process went before Inverspot temporarily shut down its operation:

  • Tudepa: sells the departments to validate the customer.
  • Inverspot: analyze the developer and the project.
  • Allied Financial Entities: approve and disperse real estate factoring.

What does Inverspot offer?

  • The company Inverspot provides real estate opportunities in Mexico.

How to Start?

Investments start at 50,000 pesos per month, with returns being circa 20% per year.

To those with higher resources (1-2 million pesos), the platform offers the ability to diversify investments in up to 6 property developments.

Start from here:

  • You create an account
  • Pick a development in which you want to take part in
  • Fill in the participation request

In fact, with the company temporarily ceasing operations, we were left without a lot of crucial information that we normally would obtain.


The National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) sees Crowdfunding as a risky financial transaction. It is not yet regulated and that also draws a demand that is excluded from conventional banking.

According to the National Financial Inclusion Report, prepared by the National Council for Financial Inclusion (Conaif)

There are sixteen crowdfunding platforms in Mexico, most of which concentrate on loans.

National Council for Financial Inclusion

The investor’s contracts suggest involvement in an existing project. Regardless of the lack of oversight, the Inverspot guarantee is based on the same asset and facts. Therefore, we advise that you protect yourself and stay up to date with the business information.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that the company temporarily ceased all operations until the completion of the regulatory oversight.


Although investment can never be completely secure, Inverspot reduces risks through portfolio diversification and a development/developer due diligence process.

The money you invest could be affected by reasons or causes of force majeure that are beyond the control of the company. These might include acts of authority, strikes, etc.

Currently, Inverspot has completed projects with percentages ranging from 0% to 45% of profits.

Customer Service

3.5 Stars

With operations ceasing to exist at the moment, the firm advises you to contact them via email:


It is a shame that Inverspot is not more open at the moment, seeing how the company was known for attractive investment opportunities. As Inverspot is at the moment closed for new investors, we are eagerly awaiting some news, to assess the company more properly.

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