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Introduction to Landsec

During the process of our Land Securities Review, we acknowledge that Lansec is one of the largest real estate businesses in the UK. Their £10.8 billion portfolio includes 23.5 million square feet of well-connected retail, entertainment, office, and residential centers. Land Securities own and operate some of the most successful and memorable real estates in the UK, from the famous Piccadilly Lights in the West End to the redevelopment of London’s Victoria, to the establishment of retail attractions at Westgate Oxford and Trinity Leeds.

The Central London property is worth £7.3 billion and accounts for 68 percent of the Group’s portfolio in terms of value. The Group is moving ahead with the most risk-adjusted returns while keeping the rest of our pipeline ready to go when the market’s medium-term picture becomes clearer. The regional retail portfolio includes outlets (1,763 million pounds) and regional shopping malls and stores (1,041 million pounds). Covid-19 has disrupted the short-term appeal of outlets, an asset class with strong growth potential and a great customer proposition. The rise of internet retail has accelerated structural changes in regional shopping malls.

LandSec’s response is the reimagine retail agenda, which includes five key elements:

  • Understanding and monitoring sustainable rents will help decision-making
  • Enhancing the consumer experience by increasing footfall and dwell time
  • Excellence in operations, new leasing models, collaboration with occupiers, and delinquency
  • Reimagining retail

The strategic assessment highlighted three subscale sectors in its portfolio; areas that are not now, and are unlikely to become, big enough to significantly affect Group performance and where it has little or no competitive advantage. The areas in question include hotels, leisure, and retail parks, which are worth a combined £1.3 billion and account for 12% of its entire portfolio; it plans to leave these sectors in the short future.

Landsec’s Goal: Making the most out of downtown London

The main objective is to be the industry leader on cardinal long-term issues like diversity and community employment, as well as carbon reduction and climate resilience. Land Securities Group gives value to their stockholders, excellent customer experience, and a well-versed change in our communities.

Overview Land Securities Group


  • Provide a diverse range of properties, including commercial, industrial, and residential choices
  • Have a yearly income of more than a billion dollars
  • A new CEO hired in 2020 has greatly aided their progress


  • Employees at lower levels of management have complained about a lack of development possibilities and a lack of feeling appreciated
  • There is too much turnover among the employees

The platform

4.1 stars

Land Securities’ approach to stakeholders is robust and unique as compared to other real estate investment companies. Although they do not have a live chat integrated into their website, they do strive in achieving great customer experiences. That’s because they build close relationships with any type of stakeholder and they make sure that everyone joins their community. Not to mention Landsec’s application that allows you to access their hub of information, exclusive deals, and different events.

Head to the list below to learn more about how Land Securities Group engages with its customers, communities, employees, and partners!

What does Land Securities offer?

  1. The portfolio’s high quality – particularly in Central London – supports a growth strategy. Its quality, durability, and liquidity will allow it to reinvest in growth areas. Retailers did well before Covid-19 and are showing the most signs of recovery. While regional retail centers are physically challenged, their quality allows them to reinvent themselves.
  2. The Group’s track record, reputation, and connections have contributed to its past and future success.
  3. Due to its size, it can easily acquire and deploy funds.
  4. Between 2010 and 2017, a 3.4 million square-foot development program generated £1.5 billion in value. Its skills in London offices and retail are adaptable and transferable to other industries where it sees potential.
  5. Customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders value ESG leadership.
  6. All employees bring together competitive advantages and can unlock the portfolio’s potential.

How to get started with their Real Estate Portfolio?

Land Securities Group might just be your ideal companion. That’s because their aim is to create places where companies and people may realize their potential by providing a wide range of choices in terms of flexibility, customization, and scalability. The customer will benefit from the stability that comes with being located in a Landsec-owned property, as well as a service-led approach, which means Landsec is more of a partner than a landlord.

The group takes the time to learn about your company so that they can ensure your workplace enables your staff to be as productive as possible. Moreover, Landsec will assist you in planning your space to be future-proof and will be available to assist you as your company develops.

Finally, all of their venues have a great design that reflects the character of the building and neighborhood, as well as superior customer and operational services.


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Customer Service

Customers are the fuel behind choices and developments – The Group will actively seek your feedback and ideas, relying on them to guarantee impeccable services. Landsec claims that clients come first!! For further information, contact them here!


Overall, Land Securities Group is one of the best real estate companies in the United Kingdom. They have excellent leadership that has set the business on a path to greatness. Their approach is conventional, yet they recognize when a change is necessary. In 2020, the business hired a new CEO, and their performance has increased considerably, with operations operating more smoothly. There have been no discernible complaints regarding their behavior or properties, therefore there is no cause to be concerned. 

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