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Reval Review Introduction

Reval is a company that allows you to invest in attractive and interesting property objects. What was once possible just for expert investors, is now open for regular folks, too! Find out how Reval lets you pick your own projects for investing. Read our review to find out how to profit from Reval’s renowned status!

Before we start, we’ll lay out some information about the team. Reval’s official website makes their team’s structure transparent enough for us to feel safe investing with them. The team consists of expert individuals who have a background in the property industry and the construction niche. Felipe Videira, MBA, is the head of investing.

Reval lets you invest in attractive projects all across Austria.

Reval Review Overall


  • Allows crowd investing
  • 14-day withdrawal right
  • The investment for investors is of zero cost. All they have to do is register, pick a project and they’re ready to begin.


  • Minimum investment 500 Euros
  • No supervision by the Financial Market Authority (FMA)
  • No capital or interest warrants.

Reval Real Estate Investment Platform

The platform
4.6 Stars

Reval allows investing in multiple projects via its platform, in the form of crowdfunding. The goal is to allow investors to group their investments, so that attractive projects can be built with the help of non-professional investors, too.

The projects offered on the website are private, and the company doesn’t specify the allowed number of users allowed per one project.

As already stated, investors of all profiles are welcome.

Reval Features

Reval provides service-connected to projects located in Austria

How to get started? 

Account opening

  1. First, you register on the company’s website. You need to provide a personal ID and get verified.
  2. The created account means you get more detailed information about projects
  3. Pick one or more projects you want to invest in
  4. By investing, you participate in the project’s success

Signing up is free, but the company gives no info on whether a demo account is offered. The initial investing sum has to be a minimum of 500 Euros. The interest is to be indicated in the income tax return under the point capital assets (0% – 55% income tax). As an investor, you can invest EUR 5,000 within 12 months.


You can take part in crowdfunding on Reval if you are a German or Austrian citizen.

Risks and securities

This investment offer isn’t a savings investment. Investors also don’t get a capital or interest guarantee. Your money is tied up for the term of the loan agreement. The transfer of this alternative financial instrument is not really possible.

Customer Service
4.6 Stars


Reval is a reputable company, yet one should do extra research to find out the company’s credentials and additional fees. The firm has a good offer of investments, yet seems unwilling to present some information more clearly.

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