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Introduction Walliance

Walliance is the first European investment platform, stemming from Italy.

Walliance is a company that attracts investors on the basis of shared ideas, uncertainties, and changes. Walliance gives the sector’s operators the ability to collect capital in a new and straightforward manner. The venture is based on a basic yet innovative idea: to tame the tech and financial changes that the world economy is experiencing (crowdfunding, for starters) and then to abolish the barriers to the investment market that is historically wary of small and medium-sized savers.

The company has been involved in the marketplace in Italy starting from 2017, but for years, the Bertoldi Group, a family business from which the subject of our article stems, has placed itself in the property market, expanding real estate management, consultancy, and investment in real estate. Added to this were various holdings in the Fintech market, counting in Crowdcube for crowdfunding equity.

Walliance watched closely the growth of Italian crowdfunding since its beginnings, evaluating its potential. Following the downturn of 2008, they were conscious of the historical success of the property market: what better place for crowdfunding than a sector that has traditionally proven to be the highest performing? So they won over the Italian legislation and were given the CONSOB the authorization to function on the national marketplace as the 1st equity crowdfunding property site.

The company claims to nurture a diverse and inclusive environment, calling their company culture “busy” and “productive”. Their website states they had 38 million Euros invested via clients, through 27 funded projects.

Overall review


  • The company has a 100% success rate in financed and concluded projects
  • Zero monthly fees
  • Average ROI per annum 10.6%


  • Investors need to pass a yearly questionnaire
  • No demo account offered
  • The website doesn’t state clearly profile investment types

The platform
4.2 stars

Wallace’s investment platform is simple to use since it lets you invest with a simple swipe on the phone.

It focuses on crowdfunding private property opportunities that are made available to small- and medium-sized investors. Their platform has a whopping 42,500 users! Investors get the chance to invest paperless and with one easy bank transfer.

What does it offer?

The firm is a crowdfunding Italian network that guarantees that property investors from Italy can start investing already with 500 Euros. The average yearly return on Investment on the finished investments is 10,6%.

How to get started? 

Opening an account:

  • When opening an account, you need to register by giving your email or password, but you can also connect through Google or Facebook. 
  • After that, you have to activate your profile by going to the personal area “My Account” and filling out the forms related to “My info” and “To invest”.
  • To be more precise, the “My info” part will ask you to give your personal information and to verify your identity and address of residence via the KYC procedure. You can do this by providing your personal ID.
  • The “My info” part also requires giving your bank account, which has to be in your name.
  • The section also helps check out the anti-money laundering protection.
  • In the part “To invest”, you will find the Appropriateness Questionnaire, which is required by CONSOB guidelines.
  • This Questionnaire tells the company what background you have.
  • The next part is picking the type of investor you are if you wish to do so.

Opening the account comes at no cost, and Italian investors get a chance to invest with a minimum of 500 Euros, along with no other fees. To complete the aforementioned questionnaire correctly, you have to give correct answers to 70% of the questions. You must retake the test after a year.


Investors from all over the world are allowed to invest with this company that includes Walliance France, Wall, Walliance Mag, and Wallcast brands.

Risks and Securities

Walliance got approved by Italian regulators and was given the CONSOB green light to operate worldwide as the first equity crowdfunding real estate website. The company is obliged to keep investor’s personal data safe via 256-bit encryption – the same as the Big Banks.

Walliance completed a 750,000 EUR investment round in 2017 and is eyeing the European Commission’s steps that can lead to one project-founded crowdfunding market. The company partnered up with E&O Insurance in order to secure investors from losses, and protect the company itself via Professional Civil Liability.

Customer Service
5 Stars

The company has a pristine 5-star rating for its customer service. If you have questions, Walliance invites you to contact them via chat on their official website, or you can book a 20-minute call with them where you can get all the information you need.


Walliance has a pristine reputation for a reason – it’s completely regulated, treats clients fairly, choosing to approach both high-net investors and smaller retail investors. Moreover, the firm is adamant about having zero weekly and monthly fees, since they believe that both sides win more just with the high-quality ventures they offer on their website.

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