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Introduction Wealth Migrate

This pioneering Fintech property investment firm started its story in 2010. They render investments in high-yield, institutional quality properties available, safe and affordable to all people online.

They assist the 99% of people to invest into real estate that usually just the coveted one percent has access to. This is done in order to render people more financially independent. The firm is made and owned by the Global Wealth Group, while two other brands that are part of the Group are Wealth Movement and Wealth University.

Wealth Migrate grew a lot in only 3 years. They have $65M assets under management globally, with eight offices on five continents and over 40 workers wanting to make the plan come true. Moreover, they get constant above average yields for clients and in recent times they even plunged into China real estate. They managed to get more than forty clients there who became shareholders and put in over five million dollars in seed capital and almost 1 million dollars in property exchanges.

The team at the company is made of over 20 experts with top-notch experience in property, technology, finance and investing. At the helm of Wealth Migrate sits Scott Picken as the CEO, while Ken Hu manages the Chinese branch as the CEO. The employers follow set principles, such as transparency and safety of customers.

The firm offers 62 countries where you can invest, while their clients stem from over 130 countries. Their track records are so successful that 70 percent of their 20,000 investors are repeated ones, and overall customers have invested more than 90 million dollars in the company.


Overall review


  • You can cancel your investment up until it has been totally funded on the platform
  • There is a 3 percent initiation fee for each deal
  • The expenses are clearly displayed


  • The new profile verification process can take up to three days
  • May be risky for US investors
  • The website more focused on things like the Wealth Movement, rather than crowdsourcing

The platform
4 Stars  

Wealth Migrate gets revenue in American dollars and capital growth. This is done by leveraging big data tech, multinational teams on the ground, and the social influence of collective purchasing via crowdfunding.

The company is in the middle of transforming into a regional profit-raising destination and a secondary place for online property investments. They assist the 99% of people invest alike the coveted one percent in order to render people more financially independent. They are narrowing the wealth gap with each project. The aim is to give the chance of smart investing to all people. The ultimate focus is to reach 1B people by 2020 by letting the public at large act as foreign investors.

They tackle one of the most coveted investment industries with a market value of $13B. They created chances in traditional property management and tech industries, while building a reputation of venturing with foreign property investors to the most coveted marketplaces around the globe. This is a first!

The company boasts around 20,000 active investors and is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.


What does it offer?

The company has headquarters in Cape Town, but also has branches in London, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Investors come from over 130 countries, but US investors are not allowed due to regulations.

How to get started?

Account opening

Here are the steps you have to take as an individual to open an account for free on the Wealth Migrate platform:

  1. Register for an account on the website by giving your email and creating a password
  2. Go to your email to confirm your email address
  3.  Log into the website and confirm the nation where you reside

After you create an account, the next phase is completing your profile. More specifically, the sections numbered from one to four. Next, save the changes and move to the fifth section labeled “Get verified”. Here you will be asked to provide ID, proof of residency and some utility bills.

When you confirm the validity of your given information, your profile will move to the “pending verification” stage, and the KYC team will move to do the checking.

If all is well, they will let you know so via email and your profile will be verified, shown by the change of status from red to green. Unfortunately, there is no demo account.

As an investor, there are three options for accounts you may be given: the Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor, the High-Net Worth Investor, and the Everyday investor.

When it comes to fees, there is a 3 percent initiation fee for each project you invest in, along with a ten percent profit-share on yields. The fees are transactional, specific, transparent and aligned with your requirements.



    • All except the USA
    • The SEC regulates Wealth Migrate


The KYC team is in charge of verifying your profile. 

Online investing portal Wealth Migrate SA (Pty) Ltd (https://WealthMigrate.com) has been approved as a Category I Financial Services Provider – FSP 47394, which allows it to provide its crowdfunding offering (when a group of people club together to fund a project or venture) on an intermediary services basis using shares as a financial product category.

Customer Service
4 Stars

Those interested in customer support can contact the company at +44 20 7268 4902 and helpdesk@wealthmigrate.com.



Wealth Migrate came to be a respected worldwide real estate name that lets you invest securely globally.

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