Overseas Countries to Invest In 2022 – Latin America Edition

Kate Morova
June 25, 2021
REI Overseas Real Estate

Investing in real estate? In these times of uncertainty? You must be out of your mind! But wait up! In actuality, investing in real estate property might be a smart move (especially in Latin America), despite the havoc the pandemic created and the ever-lasting unpredictability of the economic recovery that’s still regrouping multiple industries, including real estate.

And when investing, you don’t want to go mainstream. The idea is to put your money in the up-and-coming, finding those soon-to-bloom property gems before anyone else, to be exact. And yes, Europe is boring, Asia as well, but what about Latin America and the Caribbean? Who dares to lie that they wouldn’t own a beach house or a seaside mansion?

By investing in real estate property in these countries, you will secure a piece of land considered heaven on Earth. Still, you will also have the chance to get a hefty return on investment, making this adventurous venture quite lucrative. Stay tuned to find out which countries got us screaming, “shut up and take my money!”.  

Real Estate Invest Panama, Latin America


This country in the middle of the two Americas is also known as a transition country and for a good reason. While the county is known for its famous canal, real estate property should be considered when reviewing Panama as an investment opportunity. Two specific options are a win-win situation regarding Panama; apartments for rent and agricultural land. 

Panama City, the capital, shows signs of resale transaction slowing, proving that Panama is a profitable, prosperous buying market. Argentinian, Venezuelan and Colombian buyers have kept the market stable over the years, so why not honor them by investing in Panama property and joining the family? The Chinese have shown interest, and you know what that means. If they come in volume, there won’t be any property to pick, so be sure to hurry!

Real Estate Invest Mexico, Latin America


Putting aside the concerns regarding drug cartels, Mexico was and will be a top destination for Americans and Canadians looking to vacation and retire. It’s almost like a paradise close to the home situation. A property rental investment in Mexico is a top of the notch choice. 

Some of the top hot markets for consideration are Puerto Vallarta, situated on the Pacific coast, and Playa del Carmen on Riviera Maya. Just ask David Guetta, the world-famous DJ whose songs you’ve probably hummed obsessively once or twice in your life. Nonetheless, both of these trendy destinations can generate a hefty yield if you decide to invest in a rental property. 

Real Estate Invest Brazil, Latin America


Brazil, being the largest country in Latin America, holds immense REI opportunities, accordingly. Many different property markets are included, but not all of them are worth the money. In particular, we have the Fortaleza area, which is a coastal region, considered a top-notch tourist destination. Rental properties that target the local holiday market can earn an impressive 8 percent net yield. 

Investing in a beachfront along the coastline is the dream. Also, it is advised as a proper REI investment. Another important thing; the Brazilian real is stable against the U.S. dollar, with a historically weak relative. Subsequently, a weak currency and good yields lead to a safe haven spot made for investors ready to spice up their portfolios with a bit of Latin property.

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