Top 5 Real Estate Companies in the World

Marko Leon
October 06, 2021
Real Estate Companies Globally

Today, we will be introducing the Best Real Estate Companies in the World to you. There are thousands, if not millions, to choose from. However, we have cut the list down to the Best Real Estate Companies, because the following companies genuinely stand out. 

Developing and selling real estate is one of the most profitable businesses on the face of the Earth. Bridging the gap between developer and client are the best real estate companies. These firms look to either invest in developing properties, or develop them themselves, with the goal of selling. There has likely never been a better time to be part of this industry with a global housing crisis in full effect. 

However, quality always beats quantity, so we shall be scrutinizing everything about the following 5 companies. This will help users make an informed decision about which the best real estate companies in the world truly are. Without further ado, let us get started. 

Best Real Estate Companies

The list of the companies we’ll be analyzing:

1. Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Homepage

Where else to start than at the top. Keller-Williams has seen a lightning-quick and exponential rise in popularity in recent years. However, they were founded back in 1983 by Keller Williams in Austin, Texas. Mr. Williams worked hard to grow his firm to what it is today. Keller Williams nowadays consists of 700 offices all over the world. They currently employ more than 140,000 associates.

Unique Features of Best Real Estate Companies

Here are just some of the onboarding services that Keller Williams provides:

  • Exclusive deals for KW products
  • A training program customized for each user
  • $90 free for Facebook ads 
  • Optimization and transfers of transactions
  • Optimization and database setup
  • Essentials for Marketing – Business cards, marketing via email, websites, and more 


  • Efficient agents
  • Top-of-the-line technology 
  • More than 700 offices globally 


  • Website could be a bit more simplified

You may be wondering why we are claiming that Keller Williams is the best. Well, results speak for themselves. Since 2018, when they were no.1 in closed sales volume, agent count, and closed units, they have stayed at the top of the industry. This is all due to the quality of their service, which we will get to soon. 

List of Portfolios

Technology is what the brass at Keller Williams believes is the key to their success. With ever more people blending home and work life, the company with the right tools to cater to them will trump the opposition every time. What kind of tools do they offer at Keller Williams? Well, here’s a list:

  • Co-development – The company works with its real-estate agents to crate their content and tools. They know best what their clients want and need
  • Keller Cloud – This is their robust tool suite. Its instruments make life easier for both agents and clients. It is run by AI and incorporates machine learning. This means that their “ecosystem” will use your data, specifications, and goals to formulate a market plan perfect for you
  • Keller Command – One of the best Customer Management Systems in the industry connects all the tools provided to make your life easier
  • The KW App – This is the consumer counterpart to Command. It solidifies the relationship between agent and client and makes the flow of data much smoother. Use alongside your website to achieve the desired efficiency and reach

Keller Williams truly is the complete package for real estate agencies, with service and an enticing offering forming the perfect combination. With such a quality conception, we are happy to recommend Keller Williams as one of the Best Real Estate Companies in the world.

 2. Brookfield Asset Management

Brookfield Asset Management Homepage

If you’re looking for one of the best real estate companies globally, look no further than Brookfield Asset Management. They have developed into an alternative asset management conglomerate, with more than 626 billion USD in assets under their management. 


  • Vast experience in the real estate industry
  • More than 150,000 agents operating at all times 
  • Brookfield has operations in more than 30 countries around the globe 
  • A varied selection of real estate services 


  • The average relative returns per transaction are – 31.8%

List of Portfolios

Whether you are looking to acquire retail, hospitality, multifamily, or office real estate, Brookfield has your back. Not only that, but they offer a vast selection of over 300 properties of all varieties, along with an astounding 167 million square feet of commercial space. 

Brookfield Asset Management dabbles in a few fields, such as renewable energy, credit, private equity, infrastructure, and real estate. This versatility has set them up ideally to become a powerhouse in the world of real estate, which they have done. With very few negative comments about any aspect of the company, we are happy to recommend their services. Brookfield Asset Management is definitely among the Best Real Estate Companies in the world.

3. ReMax

ReMax Homepage

More than 40 years in the real estate industry have made ReMax a global player. With 100,000 agents operating in more than 100 locations globally, the reach of this American company is astounding. Wherever you’re looking to buy, sell or invest, ReMax likely has you covered. In fact, ReMax has held first place among markets shares in Canada and the US since 1999!


  • Decades of experience in the real estate game 
  • A very diverse and globalized portfolio 
  • Robust and structured leadership is in place at ReMax


  • Multiple concerns have been raised over agents’ behavior. 

While everything looks fine and dandy on the outside, there seem to be issues with multiple agents at ReMax. The top of the hierarchy at the company are top-notch professionals, but some of their 100,000 agents aren’t up to scratch. Complaints about breaking legally binding agreements, losing clients money on penalties because of laziness, and inadequate communication skills have been raised. 

List of Portfolios

While concerns with agents seem to be a big issue, the properties listed with ReMax are top-notch. They’ve got everything from multifamily to commercial and office real estate, so all your needs and desires can be satisfied. 

All in all, there are worse options out there than ReMax. The majority of their agents seem to be operating legally and up to standards, and the rest of the company breathes integrity. Therefore, we aren’t too worried about recommending ReMax as one of the Best Real Estate Companies in the World. 

4. Sotheby’s

Sotheby's Homepage

Sotheby’s is a company with a rich and storied history. Their auction house has dealt with some of civilization’s most precious artifacts, but their real estate wing is young in comparison. Started in 1976, Sotheby’s International Realty continued the trend of unbridled success. Their combination of exquisite service and immaculate properties on offer put them among the elite. Their portfolio is undoubtedly one of the most diverse, so we suggest checking it out. 


  • A world-renowned brand 
  • A fantastic portfolio of properties 
  • Knowledgable, efficient, and professional agents 


  • No cons found

If you were to create the ideal real estate company, Sotheby’s is as close as it gets. Stunning properties, endless listings, a global presence, enticing advertising, and the best agents all grace Sotheby’s. 

It’s tough to find a better real estate company than Sotheby’s. Their listings are just stunning, and their website presents them beautifully. Design has met function under Sotheby’s control, and it has gifted us with a genuinely unmatched product. 

List of Portfolios

With more than 400,000 listings, it’s not hard to see why we are so blown away with Sotheby’s portfolio. Few companies can even come close to this quantity, but the quality of the properties is equally impressive. 

Hundreds of years in the auctions and real estate business have given Sotheby’s the requisite knowledge to provide exactly what prospective clients need, so it’s not hard to get drawn in. Their commissions may be on the slightly more expensive side, but what you’re paying for is worth it. We wholeheartedly recommend Sotheby’s as one of the Best Real Estate Companies in the world. 

5. Century 21

Century 21 Homepage

While some companies on this list rely on their history, Century 21 is all about the future. From their smooth and sleek design to their ideas about real estate, the brains behind this company are thinking 10, 20, or even 100 years ahead. Everybody seems to be in a hurry these days, so Century 21 has made its process as simple as possible. They provide users with the basics they need to know before buying real estate and offer valuable tips. The details provided about their numerous listings are in-depth, yet their agents are not overbearing.


  • A simple and efficient methodology is used to run Century 21
  • An extensive portfolio of properties 
  • A promise to “defy mediocrity.” 
  • Coverage in 83 countries around the globe 
  • Higher than average rate of sales, even during the pandemic 


  • Multiple reports of slight condition issues with properties acquired 

List of Portfolios

While there are companies with a wider global reach and more properties on offer, the Century 21 portfolio contains some truly intriguing options. Their modern approach to the traditionally old-school real estate market is refreshing as well. 

With global coverage, an engaged and energetic team, and top-quality properties in their portfolio, you can’t go wrong with Century 21. Minor condition issues have been reported with several properties, but nothing too problematic.  We are happy to recommend them as one of the Best Real Estate Companies in the world. 

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