Top 3 Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Asia

Marko Leon
October 06, 2021
Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms Asia

Blockchain technology is taking over the world of real estate, which is why we will be analyzing the Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Asia. While this shift in industry operations is relatively new, Real Estate Blockchain Platforms are growing in popularity, and fast. 

Asian options aren’t as plentiful, so we’ve provided you with three of the Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Asia. 

Top 3 Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Asia

1. Averspace

2. Contracoin

3. Real Estate Doc (RED)

1. Averspace

AverSpace Blockchain Company

With its roots in Singapore, Averspace was created in 2016 to provide direct access to real estate for buyers, renters, and sellers. The company is the first Consumer-to-Consumer Real Estate Blockchain Platform in Singapore. 

The services they provide are all real-estate related, with legal counselors and the like all available. The transactions, however, are agent-free, meaning that clients will directly interact with interested parties. 

The process at Averspace could not be simpler. Here is how one of the Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Asia operates:

  • Owners list properties for sale
  • Interested parties get in touch with owners via the online chat option
  • A tenancy deal can be struck between buyer and tenant
  • Digital signatures are used to sign the agreement by both sides
  • Tenants pay monthly deposits in order to acquire properties

Simple as pie, right? Most Averspace users tend to agree, with a plethora of positive comments found online. Add to that Averspace’s collaboration with Real Estate Doc, their founder’s other company, and you’ll be impressed. Real Estate Doc handles the majority of real estate processes with its software. In conclusion, Aerospace is among the Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Asia, and we are happy to recommend their services. 

2. Contracoin

ContraCoing Blockchain Company

Contracoin is from Australia, so we are technically cheating by including them, but their service is exemplary nonetheless. This Real Estate Blockchain Platform is looking to revolutionize how real estate transactions work. The following are just some of the advantages that Contracoin promises with its Real Estate Blockchain Platform:

  • Increased efficiency 
  • Superior security
  • Smaller costs
  • No restrictions 

With Contracoin, real estate sales through Blockchain technology will be available worldwide. Along with the exquisite team and partners of the company, success is guaranteed. No matter if you require IT, marketing, financial, legal, or Blockchain services, Contracoin’s partners have you covered. 

Users are also very happy with Contracoin’s services, although there have been complaints about it not being available all over the globe. Access is thus far limited to China, Australia, and Vietnam, from what we could gather. Therefore, we are very happy to recommend the services of one of the Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Asia (and the neighborhood). 

3. Real Estate Doc (RED)

Real Estate Doc Blockchain company

A cutting-edge Real Estate Blockchain Platform in Asia, Real Estate Doc is looking to introduce new ways of approaching the real estate trade. Through Real Estate Doc, you will be able to streamline your sales process, making it up to 80% more efficient (according to RED). 

Their analytics department will help you with making important decisions, while their software is cutting edge. According to user reviews, all the bold claims the company makes are true, with costs indeed reduced and efficiency increased.

It brings together sellers, buyers, commercial managers, brokers, and tenants into a global, mutually beneficial system. Therefore, we are happy to recommend their services as one of the Top Real Estate Blockchain Platforms in Asia.

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